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Class Prophecy

Jackie Kearney and Marie Aquilina have just arrived at Kaye Kupy's home. It is the evening before their first reunion, June 10, 1967.

Kaye--Hi, gosh you really look sharp in those minks !

Jackie--Well, hello. We didn't expect to arrive so soon, but we met Jerry Eddy. He drove us over in his new 1967 Eldorado Cadillac. Did you know that both he and Bobby Yetter are top engineers at General Electric?

Kaye--Yes, I did. Paul Kennedy is an electrical technician with the same firm.

Marie--And how is Miss Tracy Hagen? The dress you designed for me is exquisite.

Kaye--Thank you, I'm glad you like it. I'll have the butler take your suitcases upstairs, and then we can have a good old-fashioned gab fest.

Jackie--Oh, look Marie. There's our yearbook on the table.

Marie--How about that! Here's John Yurish's picture. I wonder what he's doing now.

Kaye--Oh, he's a clerk at the Chase National Bank in New York.

Jackie--You mean that he lives in New York, too? Why Mary Randazzo, Joan Gunshore, Eleanor Balara, and Marilyn Givens are operators for the New York Exchange of Bell Telephone.

Marie--Yes, and Gil Dominick, just took over the Stork Club.

Jackie--Marie and I were there last week and guess who we ran into--Tommy Casterline.

Kaye--I was thrilled when he received the Academy Award for the top designer of 1966.

Marie--Did you know that Rick Rapson received his doctors degree in history? He's head of the history department at Yale now.

Jackie--Why, that's terrific! Reno Morgan is teaching physical education at Marywood and Helen Davis is teaching accounting at Kings.

Kaye--Elaine Filipini is personnel manager at the Boston Store and Marge Lucas is a buyer for the Pennolyn Shop.

Marie--I hear that Kate Nalewajko opened up a school for majorettes last spring.

Kaye--Remember when Mike Frankosky was voted the most intelligent boy in our class? I wonder where he is.

Jackie--Oh, he's working for the government as a nuclear physicist in Germany, but he'll be here tomorrow night. John Pieszala and Billy Johnson are flying him over in their homemade jet. Marie Rosenko is working for an airline, isn't she?

Kaye--Yes, she's a stewardess for T. W. A. Joe Heston and Herby Gonnermann are big shots at U. S. Steel.

Marie--Do you know who came into the studio the other day?

Kaye--No, who?

Marie--Marlene Guilford. She's Elvis Presley's private secretary.

Kaye--Have you met many stars at RCA Victor?

Marie--Well, since I'm music librarian, I get a chance to meet many famous people.

Jackie--Did you know that Billy Thomas has just been promoted to Admiral and that Edna Hartman is his secretary?

Kaye--Really, and Mr. Oleski said that he'd never make it.

Marie--Jimmy Jeffery and Joe Pineno are playing pro football with the Los Angeles Rams.

Jackie--Yes, we're well represented in California. Mary Ann Kolesar is Tab Hunter's manicurist and Mary Ann Kopec is an accountant at MGM studio.

Marie--I heard from Betty Truskowski last week. What do you think of her being the first woman tax collector of Wyoming?

Jackie--It's super! Did she mention Pat Korecki and Merilee Lewis?

Marie-Yes, she said that they would be at the reunion, but that they are very busy designing dresses for the Philadelphia socialites.

Jackie--Look, here's Billy Hazlett, our favorite geologist. He was Barb Savitsky's patient last summer. While he was studying some rock formations, he was hit by a falling stone.

Kaye--Oh, dear, leave it to good old Nippy I

Marie--Have you seen Jimmy Salus' latest movie, "Macbeth?"

Kaye--Yes, he was terrific! John Kropcho is his accountant and Artie Long is his agent.

Jackie--I wonder if those Lowe funeral parlors we saw upstate belong to Eunice?

Kaye--I imagine so. She has thirteen throughout the state. By the way, Jackie, where's Lorraine?

Jackie--Oh, she's director of nursing at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn. Last winter I broke my wrist while playing cymbals with Howard Barlow's Firestone Orchestra, and she doctored it up fine.

Kaye--How do you find time to play in concerts and be a surgical nurse too? Why the last time I was talking to Barb Munson she said that she hasn't time for anything since being named Mother of the Year.

Marie--That's right, I forgot she won that title. I wonder if she's still working at the New York Foundling Home,

Jackie--I don't see how she could possibly find time, especially since all her children are boys.

Marie--AIl! How many does she have?


Marie--Isn't that nice. One more and she'll have a basketball team.

Jackie--Mary Ann Hiznay and Beverly Hornby are working for a psycologist in Florida.

Kaye--Yes, I know Mary is his medical stenographer and Bev is his switchboard operator. Well, you two had better unpack your suitcases if you want to see Shirley Salus do her TV commercial for the Catch-All Vacuum Sweeper Company.

Jackie--Oh, dear, don't tell me that we even have a TV star in our wonderful Class of '57.


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