Elizabeth MERHEKEM / Mehrkam

Spouse: John Lawrence FISHER  of Polk Township died 90 years 3 months

Children: Michael never married; Dewalt; Abraham; Lawrence never married; Conrad; Elizabeth died in Easton PA married Adam Keller; Catherine died Cherry Valley Monroe PA married Peter Frederick; Maria Margaret married Conrad Hawk; Eva never married; Susannah married Jesse Siglin; Maria died Polk Township married Michael Hawk; 


Abraham FISHER a farmer, born 1789 died March 1851

Spouse: Margaret / Margaretta SMITH born 1802 Carbon Co PA, died 1876, Pennsylvania Dutch, father Abraham Smith farmer in Carbon Co.

Children: Maria Margaret; Mary born circa 1830, married James Gregory & George Smale; Charles born circa 1835; Joseph married Elizabeth Hess


1850 Census Polk, Monroe, PA: Abraham Fisher 64; Margaretta 49, Charles 15; Mary 20; Lawrence 50, laborer; George Rupple 21, laborer 

1860 Census Polk, Monroe, PA; Charles Fisher 24, farmer, $2000 real, $1000 personal; Ann 24; Fanny 5; Margaret 8/12; Laurance 65, farmer, $2000 real; Margaret 59; Mary Gregory 30; Marinda Gregory 7; Maryann Gregory 6; Nicholas Hawk 15, farm laborer 

1870 Census Eldred, Monroe, PA; George Smale 50, farmer, $4000 real, $1250 personal; Mary Smale 40; Elizabeth Smale 14, attended school; Adam Smale 9, attended school; Catharine Smale 6; Emma Smale 5; Laurence Fisher 78; Mary Gregory 17 

1870 Census Polk, Monroe, PA: Margaret Fisher 68 living with family of Jacob Meitzler

 Commemorative Biographical Record of Northeastern ..., Page 1, Issue 546: John Lawrence Fisher our subject's grandfather was one of three children, two boys and one girl according to some papers found after his death. He made his home upon a farm within the present limits of Polk township, Monroe county and lived to the advanced age of ninety years and three months. His wife whose maiden name was Elizabeth Merhekam also attained a good old age. They had a large family of children as follows. Michael who died at the homestead aged seventy years, Dewalt a farmer of Polk township who died in his sixty ninth year, Abraham our subject's father, Lawrence who survived the others and died when over seventy years old, Conrad who died in Stroud township Monroe county aged forty two, Elizabeth Mrs Adam Keller who died in Easton Penn, Catherine Mrs Peter Frederick who died at Cherry alley Monroe county, Margaret Mrs Conrad Hawk who died in Polk township Monroe county, Eva who never married and made her home with the Keller family in Easton, Susannah who married Jesse Siglin, and Maria who married Michael Hawk and died in Polk township Monroe county. Abraham Fisher our subject's father was born in 1789 at the old homestead and after acquiring an education in the schools of the locality he engaged in farming there. He with his brothers Lawrence and Michael inherited the farm but neither of the latter ever married. Abraham Fisher died in March 1851 and his wife Margaret Smith who was born in 1802 in Carbon county Penn died in 1876. Her family was of Pennsylvania Dutch stock and her father Abraham Smith was a farmer in Carbon county where he died at an advanced age. Our subject was the eldest in a family of three children 2 Mary married first James Gregory deceased and second George Smale. By the first marriage she had two children Ialinda and Mary and by the second she had one daughter who married Peter Bowlinger 3 Charles the youngest now deceased was a farmer in Polk township Monroe county. He left four childred Fannie, Becky, May, and George all of whom reside in that county.