Richard HOWELL born 1629 England, died 11/9/1709 Southhold LI NY [Connected via DNA]

Spouse: (1) _____ (2)  Elizabeth  Cooke Harrud widow of John Harrud

Children: John; Hannah; David; Jonathan; Richard. Perhaps Isaac; Jacob; Dorothy 

--- ???


Spouse: ______ died during William's infancy

Children: William born 1802; Elias born 1796 died died 8/4/1866, house carpenter.


William HOWELL born 1802 New Jersey, died 4/1/1874, buried Bloomsburg Cemetery PA; raised by uncle Vincent Dye born 1771; moved to Limestone Township 1810, Mt. Pleasant Township 1836; trained as stone mason & plasterer, became farmer

Spouse: Anna TITUS born 1797

Children: William; Elias S. born 9/27/1825, married Emmeline Andrews, blacksmith &  miner, lived Mt. Pleasant PA; Mary Ellen born 1827 married William Hower 1855 lived Luzerne Co. PA; Edith Ann born 1833 married William Bowman lived in Carthage Co. MO; Robert Clark born 6/18/1836 died 1922, lived Mount Pleasant PA, married Mary Stroup; John V. born 1839, lived Bloomsburg; Margaret J. born 1821; Sarah Ann born 1823 died 11/26/1865 in Burlington NJ at Uncle Elias' age 41


William B. HOWELL, born  NJ circa 1833, died 1904 buried Newport Cemetery, mother and father born New Jersey,  Bloomsberg Columbia PA 1860 & 1870 census, Nanticoke Luzerne PA 1880 - 1900 Census Nanticoke  Luzerne; Civil War 103rd PA 1882-5, Co. B [1860 & 1870 Census born PA]

Spouse: Elizebeth  Hart born 4/22/1832, born Noscopeck PA mother and father born PA; parents David Hart / Nancy Cowden died before 1900

Children: Ellis born c. 1856-7  John W., Bradishman,  born 8/4/1857 Bloomburg PA, died 1/14/1930 Newport PA, married Florence; William D. born PA circa 1859-60 married Emma; John;  Maggie/Margaret born PA circa 3/1861 died 1919 married William Thompson; Mary born PA circa 1865 married John Cosgrove; Jennie born PA circa 1863-7 died 1922 married Singleton Hoover; Bruce born 1870; Edward born PA  1871  died 6/9/1949 married Esther Jones; Arminta/Hameda born PA 1/1874; Harry born PA circa 1877 died 1946 married Jane Watkins


John W. HOWELL born PA 8/4/1857, died 1/4/1930 buried Newport PA; lived 1900 at Newport, Luzerne PA, mine laborer

Spouse: Catherine SARVER / SORBER born 1/18/1861 Plymouth Lazerne Co PA, died 4/10/1900 (2) Florence Womesdorf (1875-1940)

Children: Alfred born PA 4/1881 , William D. born Newport Twp. PA 9/1884 died age 17, Arthur S. born Newport Twp PA 8/1886 died 1962, married Anna Crowell 2/17/1909; Isaac born Newport Twp PA 1/1888 married Lena Grotowski 12/24/1913; Henry (Harry) W. born Newport Twp. PA 9/1889 married Bessie Gould; John born Newport Twp PA died age 2; Edith M. born Newport Twp PA 3/1892, married Roy Evans 3/22/1922; Francis Pearl born Newport Twp PA 5/1896, married Frank Spade 3/8/1920


Alfred J. HOWELL, born 4/29/1881 Newport Center, Newport Twp., Luzerne Co. PA, died 11/1965, SS#163-16-7572, miner

Spouse: Mary A. HARVEY born circa 7/8/1882 per SS death index #200-36-7031 or 1886 per child's Birth Certificate PA died 8/1967 Pittston Luzerne PA, married 12/13/1904 Alden PA

Children: Catherine born circa 1906/7, married Carl A. Crockett 9/11/1937; John born circa 1908/9 married 8/23/1933 Marjorie Nadonley; Henry born circa 1911, married Mary Urban 10/16/1937; Jane born circa 1913 married Daniel Forgerty; Alfred born 12/20/1914; William born circa 1917 (died possibly 1/8/1970) married Rose Yurkowski


Alfred John HOWELL, Jr. born 12/20/1914 died 4/20/1943 coal mine accident, buried Nanticoke Cemetery, PA [3 Truesdale, Glen Alden Coal, 1943, 4/17, Howell Jr, Alfred, Age 28, Fatal, inside, brakeman, American, citizen, married, # Children 1, mine experience 2 18 mo. occupational experience 2 yr 18 mo., struck by rail over edge car on curve, Mining District 13, Film No. 3591, Anthracite]

Spouse: Mabel HILL born 8/20/1917 died 3/1/1981; married 8/14/1947 (2) Weldon Everett died 5/1979

Children: Alfred J. born 11/5/1939; Thomas born 1943

Death Alfred J. Howell III; Death John H. Howell 
Military Harry Howell; Military William Howell; Civil War William Howell; Draft William Howell 

1840 Census Mount Pleasant, Columbia, PA: William Howell; Males 2 under 5,  2 age 10 - 15;  1  age 40 - 50; Females 1 age 5 to 10;  1 age 10 - 15;  2 age 15 - 20;  1 age 40 - 50

1850 Census: David Hart 45 blacksmith, Nancy 43, Elizabeth 16, John A. 14 school, Mary M. 9 school, Margaret 7 school, Jacob 5 school, William 1; Nescopeck Luzerne PA

1850 Census Mt. Pleasant PA;  William Howell 51 Farmer $800 Real Estate, Anne 52, Margaret 27, Mary 23, Edith 16, Robert 15 Laborer, John 11, William born New Jersey, others born PA

1850 Census, Mt. Pleasant PA, William Howell 27 Farmer, Elizabeth 27, both born PA

1860 Census: David Hart,  Nescopeck Twsp age 55 born circa 1805 

1860 Census Bloomsburg, Columbia, PA: Howell, William (Wm) age 27 laborer; Elizabeth age 26; Ellis L. Chamberlain age 7 student; John B. Howell age 3; W. D. Howell age 2; Mary M. Hart age 21 domestic; all born PA

1870 Census Mt. Pleasant Township, Bloomsburg, Columbia, PA: Howell, Robert 34, farmer, $3500 real, $1300 personal; Mary 33; Catharine 9; Charles 6; Elisabeth 4; Elmer 3/12; William Howell 70, farmer retired, $7500 

1870 Census Bloomburg West Ward, Columbia, PA: William Howell 40, laborer, citizen; Elizabeth 38 housekeeper; Ellis 13, at home; John 12, at home; William 10, at home; Margaret 7, at home; Mary 5, at home; Jennie 3, at home; Bruce 1/12 at home

1880 Census Nanticoke PA; William Howell, 47, born PA, Laborer, unemployed 2 mo. during census year, parents born NJ; Elizebeth 46, born PA parents born PA; John 22, laborer, parents NJ & PA;  William 21 Laborer, parents NJ PA;  Maggie 19 NJ PA;  Mary 15, NJ PA;  Jennie 11, attended school, NJ PA;  Edward 10, attended school, NJ PA; Arminta 7 crippled, NJ PA; Harry 3 NJ PA [Census say William born PA but children's father born NJ, is he their father or was it a mistake)

1890 Census of Veterans of Union, Nanticoke Luzerne PA, dated June 1890: William Howell, Sr. Private, 103 PA, August 1862 to June 1865. 3 years length of service
Civil War Service: William Howell Sr., M, 28 PA, 8/1862 - 6/1865

1900 Census Newport, Luzerne PA: John Howell, head, male, widowed, age 42, born August 1857, born PA, mother & father born PA, mine laborer, not employed 4 months, can read & write & speak English, rent a house. Alfred, son, male, single, age 19, born April 1881, born PA, mother & father born PA; mine laborer, out of work 6 mo., can read & write & speak English. William D., son, male, single, age 15, born Sept 1884, born PA, mother & father born PA, mine laborer, out of work 1 mo., can read & write & speak English. Arthur S., son, male, single, age 13, born Aug 1886, born PA, mother father born PA, slate picker, out of work 3 mo., can read & write & speak English. Isiac, son, single, age 12, born Jan 1888, born PA, mother & father born PA, slate picker, out of work 1 mo., can read & write & speak English. Harry W., son, male, single, age 10, born Sep 1889, born PA, mother & father born PA, attended school 10 mo. can read & write & speak English. Edith A., daughter, single, female, age 8, born Mar 1892, born PA, mother & father born PA, at school 10 mo., can read & write & speak English. Francis P., daughter single, female, age 4, born May 1896, born PA, mother & father born PA. Hameda, sister, white, female, age 26, single, Jan 1874, born PA, mother & father born PA, cannot read & write, can speak English. All are white.

1900 Census Nanticoke PA: Edward Howell, head, male, born 5/1870 PA, parents PA, married 1892 8 years, mine laborer, can read, can't write, speaks English, rent house; Esther born 8/1874, mother of 3, 1 alive, born PA, parents born Wales, speaks reads & write English; Robert, son, 5/1895 PA, parents born PA; William B., father, born 11/1829, widowed, born PA, father born Jersey, mother born PA, can't read and write, speaks English. William G. Evans 39 born Wales, coal miner, and  Richard 18 born PA parents Wales, mule driver, boarders

1910 Census Nanticoke, Luzerne PA: Alfred Howells, head, male, white, 26, married 6 years, place of birth, mother & father born England, speak English, miner, coal mines, working on own account, not out of work 1909, can read & write, rent house. Mary A., wife, female, white, age 24, married 6 years, mother of 2 children still living, born PA, speak English, father born England speak English, mother born Wales speak Wales, can read & write. Catherine, daughter, female, single, age 4, born PA, mother & father born PA. John, son, male, single, age 2, born PA, mother & father born PA. Alfred, son, male, single, age 1, born PA, mother & father born PA.

1920 Census Nanticoke, Luzerne PA: Howell, Alfred J., head, male, white, 38, married, can read & write, born PA; father & mother born PA; Laborer; working for Railroad. Mary A., wife, female, white, 34, married, can read & write, born PA; father & mother born England. Katherine, daughter, age 14, single, did not attend school in past year, can read & write, born PA, father & mother born PA, not working. John, son, age 12, attended school in last year, can read & write, not working. Henry, son, age 9, attended school in last year, can read & write, born PA. Jane, daughter, age 7, attended school in last year, born PA. Alfred, son, age 5, did not attend school, born PA; William, son, age 2 years 9 mo, born PA

1930 Census Nanticoke, Luzerne PA: Howell, Alfred J., head, value $4,000, male white age 49, age 23 at 1st marriage, did not attend school last year, can read & write, born PA, father & mother born PA, laborer coal miner, not a veteran, working, . Mary A., wife, 42, age 16 at 1st marriage, did not attend school, born PA, father & mother born Wales. Catherine Spense, daughter, age 23, married, age 16 at 1st marriage; did not attend school, born PA, father & mother born PA, not working. John, son, age 21 single, born PA, laborer coal miner, not working. Henry, son, age 19, single, born PA, shipper silk mill, working. Jane, daughter, age 17 single, born PA, not employed. Alfred J., son, age 16 single, not working. William, son, age 13 single, not working. Mary Spense, granddaughter, age 5, born PA, mother & father born PA,

1940 Census Nanticoke, Luzerne PA: Alfred Howell M, W, 57, married, 6th grade, not working; Mary F, W, 53, married, 6th grade; Jane, daughter, F, W, 27, single, High School 3, seeking work, new worker; Bill, son, M, W, 23, single, High School 1, has job, textile, silk mill; Henry, son, M, W, 29, married, 8th grade, mechanic, Wesley Co. 42 hours; Mary, daughter-in-law, F, W, 20, married, 8th grade, keeping house; Heneritta, grandchild, F, W, 2; Alfred, son, M, W, 25, married, 8th grade, seeking work, laborer; Mabel, daughter-in-law, F, W, 23, married, High School 4 yrs; Alfred, grandchild, M, W, 6/12; Mary Spence, niece, F, W, 15, single, in school, completed 8th grade

Draft Registration 1918: Alfred J. Howell, 68A Union, Nanticoke, Luzerne, PA, age 37, born 4/29/1881, white, native born US citizen, Laborer, PA Railroad, wife Mary A. Howell, same address, signed Alfred John Howell, height medium, build slender, blue eyes, hair dark, no disabilities, registered 9/12/1918.

Draft Registration 1942: Alfred John Howell, 129 West Main St., Nanticoke, Luzerne, PA, age 60, born Nanticoke 4/29/1881, Mary A., wife, same address, weight 170, hair brown & gray, complexion light, has injured left toe, registered ?/27/1942

1877 Middle District Non-Fatilities Luzerne and Carbon Counties - Reports of the Inspector of Mines -- 1/19 William Howell - Prospect Shaft
1879 Reports of the Inspector of Mines:  Empire Collery, William Howell, Collar-bone fractured, fell while in the act of putting up a long prop.

WilliamHowell1890VeteransSchedules_317683185.jpg (1170058 bytes)

The History of Columbia & Montour Co. PA":   Elias HOWELL, retired, P.O. Light Street, was born in Limestone Township, Montour County, Penn., September 27, 1825, son of William and Anna (TITUS) HOWELL, former of whom was born in New Jersey in 1802, and the latter dying during our subject's infancy, his uncle, Vinson DYE, took him to raise. In 1810, when William was but eight years of age, his uncle removed from New Jersey to what is now Limestone Township, Montour Co., Penn., and with him William lived, assisting on the farm until he had reached the age of eighteen years, when he went to learn the trade of stone-mason and plasterer, in the same neighborhood. While living there he was married to Miss Anna TITUS, and in 1836 they removed to Mount Pleasant Township, this county, where he bought 150 acres in the same neighborhood as the present farm of his son, Elias. He then devoted almost his entire attention to farming, doing only his own mason work, following agricultural pursuits until about ten years before his death, when he lived a retired life. Mr. and Mrs. William HOWELL were the parents of eight children, six now living: Mary Ellen, wife of William HOWER, in Luzerne County, Penn.; William, in East Nanticoke, Penn.; Edith Ann, wife of William BOWMAN, in Carthage County, Mo.; Robert C., in Mount Pleasant township, this county, John V., in Bloomsburg, Penn., and Elias. The father of this family died April 1, 1874. He and his wife are buried in the Bloomsburg Cemetery. Elias HOWELL, subject of this sketch, was ten or eleven years of age when the family removed from Montour County to what is now Mount Pleasant Township, this county. In the spring of 1843 he went to Bloomsburg to learn the blacksmith trade with William SLOAN, and worked with him two years; then went to Montour County, where he resided two years; then returned to this county, and for some seven or eight years worked by the day for different farmers; then went into the mines in Bloom Township, this county, and was there engaged thirteen years at contract work. He then bought eighty-four acres of land in Mount Pleasant Township, this county, and commenced farming; also leased a limestone ridge near by, put up a kiln, and for six years was engaged at that business as well as farming. After that time he gave his entire attention to farming until the spring of 1881, since which time he has lived a retired life, renting his farm. He was married in this county in November, 1846, to Miss Emeline ANDREWS, a native of Columbia County. She died April 19, 1885, at the age of fifty-nine years, three months, nineteen days, and is buried in the Vanderslice graveyard, Hemlock Township, this county. Mr. and Mrs. HOWELL were the parents of eight children, four now living; William, married to Emily LAUBACH, in Hemlock Township, this county; John, married to Mary WHITENIGHT, also in Hemlock Township; Anna Margaret, wife of Peter MELICK, in Mount Pleasant Township, this county; Isaiah Willetts, married to Catherine WOLF, on the home place. The deceased are Sylvester, Robert Francis, James Franklin and Clarence Lloyd. Mr. Howell is a member of the Methodist Church. His wife had also been a member of that church from her fourteenth year to the time of her death, forty-five years. He is at present collector of Mount Pleasant Township, which office he has held since 1880; has also been treasurer of the school board for six years. He has held the office of supervisor for three years, and overseer of the poor four years. He is a member of Light Street Grange, No. 31, P. of H. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg. 516)

The Star of the North (Bloomsburg PA 9/6/1855) Married on Tuesday the 4th inst, by the Rev. D. J. Waller, Mr. William E. Hower, of Scott, to Miss Mary E. Howell, daughter of William Howell Esq. of Mount Pleasant. (12/13/1865) Died In Burlington N. J. on the 26th of November last, Miss Sarah Ann, daughter of Wm. Howell Esq. of Mt. Pleasant Township, Columbia Co., PA, aged about 41 years.  

Columbia Democrat and Bloomsburg General Advertiser (6/11/1864): William Howell Esq. of Mount Pleasant Township, in this county, for the past several weeks, been confined to his rooms by severe affliction. We were happy to see him on foot again on Tuesday last and to know and to know that he is convalescent. Mr. Howell is one of the most excellent men and eminent citizens in all our country. (4/22/1865) List of drafted in Columbia Co. Bloom Township - William Howell 

Bloomsburg Democrat (4/15/1868) William Howell of Mt. Pleasant, this county, will sell personal property, on his premises, on the 23rd inst. See venue bills.

Columbia Democrat and Star of the North 8/15/1866: In the city of Burlington NJ on Saturday the 4th of August 1866, Mr. Elias Howell, the brother of Mr. William Howell of this county aged about 70 years.

New Jersey Death and Burial Index, 1798 - 1971: Sarah A. Howell born about 1822, died as/2/1865, died Burlington, Burlington, NJ, age 43 years, single, residence Burlington, Burlington NJ.
---- Elias Howell died 8/4/1866, Burlington, Burlington NJ, married, male, residence Burlington Burlington NJ

In the Name of God Amen I Richard Howell of the Town of Southold in the Co., of Suffolk in the Colony of New York in america yeoman being weakly in Body but of Perfect mind + memory att the writing hereof thanks be given to God therefore but calling to mind the shortness of this Transitory life and that it is appointed for all men once to Dye doe make constitute ordaine and appoint this to be my last Will + Testament + hereby revokeing disannulling and makeing void all and all manner of former wills and Testaments by me heretofore or in my name had made or conclude and that this only + none other shall be held deemed taken + reputed to be my last Will and Testament in manner and form following That is to say   First I commend my soule to God from whom it came and my Body to ye Earth to be Decently buried att the discretion of my Executors hereafter named Secondly my Will is that my beloved Wife Elizabeth Howell shall have one Third part of my Estate as ye Law directs Thirdly I give unto my son John Howell and to his heirs for ever all my Messuage or farme where I now live and Bounded on the North by the Sound and on the South by the Road lately laid out that leads to Brookhaven by ye way of ye Beach and also one equall forth part of all my Meadow one ye South Side of peaconnecke river ffourthly I give unto my Son Davide Howell and to his Heirs and assignes for ever one equall fourth part of all my meadow on the south side of said peaconneck river ffifthly I give unto my Son Richard Howell + my Son Jonathan Howell all my Lands neare the Head of ye said Peaconneck river with ye appurtenances thereto belonging and also one equall half part of all my meadow on ye South side of ye Said River to be equally Divided between them and to the proper use and behoofe of them my said sons Richd and Jonathan Howell to their Heirs and assignes for ever also I give equally between my said sons Richard and Jonathan and to their Heirs and assignes for ever all my Land and Meadow att Brookhaven freely to be possed + Enjoyed Sixthly I give unto my son Isaac and to his Heirs and assignes for ever all that messuage or Tenament where my son John now Lives and Bounded North by my son Davids Land + South by the baye and allsoe one equall Half part of all my Meadow att Deck Creek to him my said son Isaac Howell his heirs + assignes freely to be possessed + Enjoyed Seventhly I give unto my Son Jacob Howell and to his Heirs + assignes for ever all ye Land Lying Between the baye and the Highway Leading to Brookhaven by the way of ye Beach wch is the remaining part of the alottment where my messuages is herein given unto my son John also I give unto my said son Jacob Howell and to his heirs and assigns forever one equall halfe part of all my meadow att Deep Creek freely to be possessed and Enjoy Eightly I give unto my Daughter Hanah and to her Heirs for ever Twenty pounds as money of this Colony to be paid Her by Executors Ninthly I give unto my Daughter Dorothy Reeve for ever Twenty pounds as money of this Colony to be paid Her by myExecutors Tenthly my Will is that ye remaining part of my Estate not herein Willed be equally Divided betwix my Six Sons viz. John David Richard Jonathan Isaac Jacob to whom I doe give ye same forever Lastly of this my last Will + Testament I doe by these Presents make constitute ordain and appoint my sons John David and Jonathan to be my Executors with full power and authority to act in and about ye Premises In Wittness whereof I have published + Declared this to be my last Will and Testament + have hereunto Sett my Hand + affixed my seale in Southold above said this Twenty fourth day of August In ye year of our Lord Christ one Thousand Seven Hundred + Nine - Richard Howell Signed Sealed published + Declared to be ye Last Will + Testament of Richard Howell in the Presence of us Thomas Mapes James Reene Hope X Holioak Richard Ingoldesby Esq: Leut Gov and Commander in Cheife of ye Provinces of New York New Jersey + To all to whom these Presents shall come or may concern Greeting Know Yee yt ye first Day of January the Last Will and Testament of Richard Howell was Proved approved and allowed of by me haveing while he lived + att ye time of his Death Goods Chattles and Creditts in Divers places within this Province by means whereof ye full Disposition of all and singular ye Goods Chattles and Creditts of ye said Deceased and ye Granting Administracon of them allso ye hearing of acct Callculation + Reckoning and ye finiall Discharge and Dismission from ye same unto me soly + not unto any other Inferior Judge are manifestly known to belong and ye administracon of all and singular ye Goods Chattles and Creditts of ye said Deceased and his last Will and Testament in any manner of ways concerning was Granted unto John Howell David Howell + Jonathan Howell Ex in ye said Last Will and Testament named Cheifly of well and Truly administreing ye same of makeing a true and Perfect Inventory of all and singular ye Goods Chattles + Creditts of ye said Deceased + Exhibitting ye same into ye Registry of ye Prerogative Court in ye Secretarys Office of ye said Province of New York att or before ye first Day of June next Ensueing and of Rendering a Just and true acct Callculation or Reckoning when there unto required In Testamony whereof I have Caused ye Prerogative Seale to be hereunto affixed att New York this First Day of Janry A.D. 1709 Geo Clarke.