William J. HILL  born circa 1858, England, died 3/1900 buried 3/14/1900 age 42 buried Nanticoke Cemetery PA

Spouse: Bessie Hutchings / Hutchins born 3/29/1861 England, immigrated 1889, widowed by 1900, she married (2) David Richards intended marriage 2/1/1904

Children: William ; Harry born 9/1897 PA died CT; Annie born 10/1884 Eng; Lillie born 10/1889 PA; Bessie born 3/1892 PA; Robert born 6/8/1895 PA, 5' 61/2", brown eyes black hair,  married Helen Sabulski, died 10/3/1958, Nanticoke Cemetery


William John HILL born 3/16/1879 [death certificate], Cornwall, England, died 7/5/1944, Nanticoke, Luzerne, PA, arrived in US 1889, 6'2" 180 lb, eyes gray, dark complexion; in 1900 driver in mines, foreman mines when died

Spouse:    Mabel Chamberlain born 1887, died 1962

Children: Bessie born 1912 died 12/1983 Wilkes Barre; Helen born 10/23/1924 died 10/31/1980 Salem, NJ, married Bryant D. Smith 2/27/1946; Lillian born 1907 died Nanticoke, married Clem Levanda 4/16/26 license; Mabel born 1918 married Alfred J. Howell and Weldon Everett 8/14/1947; William born circa 1910 died 1967, married Jennie Chubek 6/8/1935


William John Hill Death Certificate; Draft William Hill 

1900 Census Nanticoke, Borough Ward 5, Luzerne PA: Bessie Hill, born 3/1861 England, parents born England, Widowed,  mother of 8 six living, immigrated 1889, rent home; William, son, born 10/1880 England, age 19 single, parents born England, driver (mines), out of work 6 months; Annie daughter born 10/1884 England, age 16, domestic; Lillie, daughter, born 10/1889 PA, parents born England, at school 9 months, Bessie, daughter, born 3/1892 PA age 8, parents born England, at school 9 months;  Robert son, born 6/1895 PA, parents born England, age 5; Harry son, born 9/1897 PA age 3 parents born England; all read, write, speak England except youngest 2

1903 City Directory Nanticoke PA: Bessie Hill  Widow William, W Union corner Maple

1910 Census Nanticoke: David L. Richards, born Wales, parents born Wales, age 48 immigrated 1865, married 7 years, 2nd marriage, speak Hinglish, miner at coal mine, out of work 20 weeks, rent home, can read and write; Bessie wife age 49 born England,  immigrated 1889, 2nd marriage, married 7 years, had 5 children 5 living, speak England can read and write; William Hill son age 29, born England, parents born England,  immigrated 1889, married once, 3 years, laborer coal mines out of work 10 weeks, can read and write speak English; Robert Hill age 14 born PA, parents born ENG; Bessie Hill, daughter age 18, born PA, parents born Eng; Harry Hill son age 12 born PA, parents born ENG; Stanley Richards son age 18, born PA, parents born Wales, laborer hose factory; Maria Dilling, sister-in-law,  born Eng parents born Eng, age 54, 2 children 1 alive, washerwoman residential; Edwin Dilling age 23 born England, parents born England, laborer coal mine, out of work 0 weeks

1910 Census Nanticoke, Luzerne PA: William J. Hill, head, male, white, age 29, married 3 yrs., born Eng, mother & father born Eng, emigrated 1890, naturalized, speaks English, trucklayer, coal mines, working on own account, not out of work 4/15, out of work 2 weeks 1909, speaks & writes English, rents house, Mabel Hill, wife, white, female, age 22, 2 children born & living, born circa 1888, married 3 yrs., born PA, father & mother born England, speaks English, reads & writes. Lillian, daughter, female, white, age 3, born PA, father born Eng, mother born PA. William, son, male, white, 1 mo., born PA, father born Eng., mother born PA

1920 Census Nanticoke, Luzerne PA; David Richards age 58 born Wales 1862, rent home, immigrated 1863, rood cleaner coal mines; Bessie wife age 59, born England 1862, immigrated 1888; Robert Hill step son age 25 born PA, rood cleaner coal mines

1920 Census Nanticoke, Luzerne PA: William J. HEIL/HIEL/HILL, 37, 1883, born England, father & mother born England, white, male, rent, immigrated 1893, naturalized 1899, Duren? Boss coal mine, can read & write. Mabel, wife, female, white, 33, 1887, born PA, parents born England. Lillie, daughter, single, female, white, 13, 1907, born PA, father born Eng. mother born PA, attended school. William, son, male, white, single, 9, 1911, attended school, born PA. Bessie, daughter, single, white, female, 8, 1912, attended school, born PA. Mabel, daughter, female, single, white, 2 6/12, 1917-18, born PA.

1923 City Directory: William J. Hill (Mabel) laborer, 717 E. Main, Nanticoke, PA

1930 Census Nanticoke, Luzerne PA: William J. HILL, rent, $35 mo., radio, no farm, male, white, age married 26, age 49, 1881, no school, yes read & write, born England, parents born England, 1888, naturalized, yes spk English, laborer coal mine, w, yes, no. Mabel, wife, female, white, 43, 1887, first married 20,, born PA, parents born England. William, Jr., son, male, white, single, 20, 1910, born PA, plumber, hardware store. Bessie, daughter, f, w, s, 18, 1912, born PA,  no job. Mabel, daughter, f, w, s, 12, 1918, born PA. Helen, daughter, f, w, s, 5, 1925, born PA.

1940 Census Nanticoke, Luzerne PA: William Hill, male 60 married, born 1880, born England; Mabel age 53, born PA 1887, Helen, age 15, born 1925

Application for Social Security Account # 164-22-3338. Mabel H. Howell, 29 Loomis St., Nanticoke PA. August 20, 1917, Nanticoke, Luzerne PA. Father William J. Hill Sr.; Mother Mabel Chamberlain. Applied March 10, 1944.