Hans Peter DULL born circa 1641 Ulmet Germany died 10/14/1717

Spouse: Gertraut RIEK born 2/13/1642 Irtzweiler Ulmer Parish Germany, died 12/1723 Irtzweiler

Children: Christoffel; Anna Margaretha married Johan Jacob Mack 4/5/1701


Christoffel DOLL born 7/6/1671 Irtzweiler Ulmer Parish Germany, of Palatinate, baptized Ulmet Reform Church, died 1739 at sea on way to America

Spouse: Sarah Catherine SCHUCH married 3/2/1703-4

Children: Anna Maria Margretha 1705 1733 married Peter Mumbauer; Johann Nicholas 1706 1813 married Margaret; Anna Catharina 1708 died young; Johann Peter 1709 1714 married Margaretha; Johann Peter 1715 1760 married Margretha; Mary Engle 1717 1785; Johann Abraham 1720 died young; Casper 1724 2/4/1793 Plainfield Northampton PA,married Margaret; Johann Nickel 1725 1766 married Margaretha; Infant 1729 ; Johann Christian 1729 1758 married Maria Catherine Dromm


Mary ENGEL DOLL born 9/1717 Ertzweiler Germany, died 1785

Spouse: Jacob SORBER

Children: Johan Christian born 9/9/1753 in Upper Saucon Twp Northampton Co. married Sarah Surfass; John Jacob born circa1750  Northampton County married Anna Hahn; Sarah born 1745 Northampton Co. married George Engel; Abraham born 1744 in Plainfield Twp; John Adam born 1740  Northampton County married Susanna Frantz; Elizabeth Margaret born 3/20/1760 Plainfield Twp married George Hahn; George 8/24/1755 Northampton Co


Names of Foreigners who Took the Oath of Allegiance to the Province and State of PA 1727 - 1775. List of Foreigners Imported in the ship Loyal Judith, Edward Painter, Commander, from Rotterdam, Last from Deal: Qualified 9/3/1739. Johan Nickell Dull.  List of foreigners in the ship Samuel, Hugh Percy, Commander, from Rotterdam. Qualified Aug. 17, 1739. Sebastian Doll age 40, Casper Doll age 18, Christopher Doll, Stoffel Doll age 40, Philip Doll age 27, Christ'n Doll age 25, Peter Doll age 24. Ship Duke of Wirtenberg from Rotterdam 10/16/1751: Martin Doll, Johannes Doll. Ship Marlborough from Rotterdam 9/23/1741: Johannes Doll. Ship Minerva from Rotterdam 10/1/1770: Jacob Doll

8/30/1737 Palatines imported in the ship Samuel, Hugh Percy, master from Rotterdam, last of Cowes: Johan Christian Doll, Johannes Peter Doll. 8/27/1739 Palatines imported in the ship Samuel, Hugh Percy, commander from Rotterdam, last of Deal: Casper Doll, Christopher Doll. 9/3/1739 Palatines imported in the ship Loyal Judith, Edward Painter, commander, from Rotterdam, last from Deal: Johan Nickel Doll. 9/23/1741 Palatines imported in the ship Marlborough, Thomas Bell, master, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes: Johannes Doll,